Victoria Ramos, Ema Francisco and Julia Dandurand

#IWD2022 #BreakTheBias | Jersey

On International Women's Day 2022 we celebrate our people for helping 'break the bias' and champion diversity, equity and inclusion. Meet Victoria, Ema and Julia from our Jersey office, to find out what 'breaking the bias' means to them and how they commit to forge positive change towards gender equality.

What does 'break the bias' mean to you and what do you hope this campaign will achieve?

Victoria: Break the bias to me means to shatter the idea that gender and background determines your ability and path in life. I hope the 'break the bias' campaign encourages dialogue around the discrimination, stereotypes and challenges women face on a daily basis, as well as promote education and changes which will lead to a fairer, gender-equal future. Let's break the bias!

Ema: 'Break the bias' means a world without prejudice, where difference is embraced, respected and commemorated. I hope this campaign will work towards combating the biases women face in the workplace by highlighting the areas in which they can be supported in. I particularly hope that this campaign provides people with the tools that they can use to help empower colleagues and drive up change.

Julia: For me, breaking the bias means breaking the stereotypes associated with the genders and respecting people as individuals with their own individual qualities, goals and ambitions. It means creating a safe work environment with opportunities for everyone regardless of your gender. I hope this campaign will raise awareness of the stereotypes women often face in the workplace, and help to bring positive change by encouraging everyone to challenge and reflect on their own internal biases and call out the biases of others when they see it.

What will you personally do to help 'break the bias'?

Victoria: Promote the idea to all those around me that we must not accept traditional gender roles because society tell us to. By having difficult conversations about the challenges we face every day, we can all make changes to break the bias entrenched in our society.

Ema: I personally am trying to 'break the bias' by smashing through the glass ceiling as a Portuguese woman qualifying in this cohort and representing diversity in my workplace.

Julia: Personally, I will continue to work hard on being a positive role model – standing up for myself and supporting women in their work and life choices. I will continue to celebrate the success of other women and demonstrate in my own career that it is possible to succeed regardless of your gender.

#IWD2022 #BreakTheBias