The Dispute Resolution Review 11th Edition

04 Apr 2019

Kai McGriele and Richard Parry from Solomon Harris part of Bedell Cristin, have co-authored the Cayman Islands chapter of The Dispute Resolution Reivew 11th Edition. Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd, this article was first published in March 2019.

The Dispute Resolution Review provides an indispensable overview of the civil court systems of 36 jurisdictions. It offers a guide to those who are faced with disputes that frequently cross international boundaries. As is often the way in law, difficult and complex problems can be solved in a number of ways, and this edition demonstrates that there are many different ways to organise and operate a legal system successfully. At the same time, common problems often submit to common solutions, and the curious practitioner is likely to discover that many of the solutions adopted abroad are not so different to those closer to home.

Please open the pdf to read the full article.

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