Kai Mcgriele


Kai Mcgriele works at Solomon Harris in the Cayman Islands, which has recently merged with Bedell Cristin.  

The two firms are in the process of being fully integrated, and Solomon Harris will be renamed Bedell Cristin in early 2019. To view the profile of Kai McGriele in the meantime, please click here.

  • Attorney - Cayman Islands
  • Advocate* - Jersey
  • Solicitor* - England & Wales


Industry focus
  • Kai’s professional memberships includes the Law Society of England and Wales, the Cayman Islands Law Society, INSOL,  RISA (Kai is a member of the Legal Regulatory Committee) and STEP (Kai is a member of the Cayman Council).  He is also the co-author of the Cayman Islands chapter of the tenth edition of The Dispute Resolution Review, which was published earlier this year.
Must your General Partner always give you “True and Full information”?
Litigation 19 Mar 2019 Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands Grand Court has given important guidance on when a Limited Partner of a Cayman registered Exempted Limited Partnership ('ELP') can insist that a General Partner (‘GP’) provides them with “true and full information” on the financial state ...

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Is it irrational when a trustee won't wait for a Cheshire cat?
19 Feb 2019 Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands (‘Cayman’) Grand Court (‘Court’) recently blessed the Final Distribution Proposal (‘Proposal’) of a trustee (‘Trustee’) of a family trust (‘Trust’) which benefited two sisters and their brother. The Court was in no doubt that the Trustee ...

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“If it looks like Calibri…”: helping creditors access a sham trust through fonts
Insolvency & Restructuring 13 Feb 2019 Cayman Islands Jersey Guernsey

A decision from the Ontario Superior Court (‘OSC’) provides a useful summary of the common law ‘red flags’ which help creditors and insolvency practitioners identify when a bankrupt’s assets are held in a sham trust. Of interest was the expert evidence show...

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Is it time to check if your sole recourse and exclusive jurisdiction clauses cover non-parties?
Litigation 19 Oct 2018 Cayman Islands

Is it time to check if your sole recourse and exclusive jurisdiction clauses cover non-parties?

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The Dispute Resolution Review 11th Edition
Articles | 04 Apr 2019

Kai McGriele and Richard Parry have co-authored the Cayman Islands chapter of The Dispute Resolution Reivew 11th Edition. Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in March 2019.

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