Overruled: Court of Appeal sets new test for permission to appeal applications in Jersey

14 April 2014

The Court of Appeal in Jersey has set a new test for permission to appeal from all future decisions of the Royal Court in civil proceedings.

In Crociani, Foortse, BNP Paribas Jersey Trust Corporation Ltd & Appleby Trust (Mauritius) Ltd v Crociani & Others [2014] JCA 089 (“Crociani”), Bedell Cristin appeared for the successful Respondents to the appeal.

Please read our briefing on the new permission to appeal test here.

The Crociani judgment has wide-ranging importance for trusts lawyers, particularly for its consideration of exclusive jurisdiction clauses and the meaning of the term “forum for administration” in trust instruments. Our briefing on the wider implications of the Crociani judgment can be found here.