Register of Overseas Entities - Verification and Registration Services


Under the regime, any overseas entity that owns or will acquire UK real estate, including certain leasehold interests, must register and declare details of its 'registrable beneficial owners' (or managing officers) to UK Companies House. Overseas entities which do not comply with the registration requirements will not be able to register acquisitions or disposals of their UK real estate interests and, together with their officers, may face criminal sanctions and fines/financial penalties.

Companies House maintains a public register of overseas entities and the information disclosed by them, which must have been verified by an authorised service provider.

More details of the requirements and implications of failure to comply are available here.

Further information about what this means for real estate finance transactions can be found here.

How we can help

BC Verification Limited, a Bedell Cristin company, has expertise covering a number of offshore jurisdictions and is authorised to undertake data verification and registration of overseas entities with Companies House.


  1. Get in touch with us- we will provide information and guidance on how to register your overseas entity (contact details below) 
  2. Scoping- we will assess your requirements with you and provide a fee quote
  3. Information gathering- once appointed, we will tell you what information we need in respect of the overseas entity and its registrable beneficial owners (or managing officers)
  4. Verification- we review and verify the information which you provide 
  5. Notices– information notices must be sent to the registrable beneficial owners (or managing officers) by the overseas entity (we can arrange this on behalf of the OE)
  6. Submission- we submit the registration to Companies House on your behalf

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