Cayman Islands Relocation

People and businesses choose to relocate to the Cayman Islands for many reasons – including the quality of life, their excellence as international financial centres and their innovative approaches in supporting and growing new and existing businesses.

Obtaining residence (and in some cases citizenship) rights in one or more countries, and an ability to leave one country and settle in another, is becoming increasingly important, both economically and politically, for individuals and their families.

However, the relocation process, whether for individual and/or business purposes is complex and requires careful navigation.

Our Cayman Islands relocation specialists understand the intricacies of moving to these jurisdictions and can provide bespoke advice and a broad range of services to those wishing to spend some or all of their time in the islands. Our clients range from high-net-worth individuals and families, right through to large corporates wishing to have a physical presence.

As a full service law firm, our relocation specialists also draw upon the skills and expertise across Bedell Cristin to provide solutions for individuals and families who move internationally. These include services such as succession planning, wealth and estate management, real estate structuring, property law and corporate services.

Unlike other law firms, we provide end-to-end support for clients. When a person decides to relocate their business(es), we can advise not only on the relocation, immigration, licensing and employment requirements but continue to give day-to-day advice, building a long term relationship and helping to ensure the sustained success of their business.

We can help with:

• Relocating to the Cayman Islands for residence purposes
• Relocating a business to the Cayman Islands

Immigration Law paves way for bright future
Articles | 13 Feb 2019

The new Cayman Islands Immigration (Transition) Law, 2018 and Customs and Border Control Law 2018 came into force on 1 February 2019. Daniel Altneu, Associate at Solomon Harris, part of Bedell Cristin, discusses what these new laws hope to deliver.

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