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Jersey planning department revamps application advice service

25 October 2013

The two most frequent requests in recent times for change directed by the construction industry to the Planning Department at South Hill have been for the introduction of a planning appeals system based on the planning merits to an independent body and for the introduction of a system of pre-application advice which is meaningful and can be relied upon in the planning application process. It seems that these issues are now being addressed and that other means of improving the process are also being considered.

On 11 September this year the States decided that a new planning appeals system should be introduced and that it should indeed be a planning merits based appeal to an independent planning inspector. Although there is much work still to be done by way of actually drafting the necessary legislation many will see this as a big step forwards.

On Monday 21 October the Planning Department after consultation with industry bodies issued a press release entitled “Planning revamps pre-application advice” which sets out proposals for a new procedure for obtaining pre-application advice in respect of proposed planning applications.

The Planning Department is also understood to be working on making applications for outline planning permission a more useful and valuable tool in the planning process.

For further information, please contact Peter Bertram.

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Location: Jersey

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