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Jersey Residence Relocation

Jersey enjoys an enviable reputation as a world-renowned international financial centre and for the high quality of life enjoyed by its residents. The island’s government has, quite rightly, promoted Jersey’s virtues and there is now a trend for successful individuals and businesses relocating to the island.

Jersey marries beautiful beaches, countryside and a cosmopolitan hub in St Helier, with global finance and law firms and an active innovative, tech community. With great transport links to the UK businesses and individuals can be in London in 45 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, there are tight regulations for anyone wanting to set up a business or move to Jersey. Our expert team understands the ins-and-outs of relocating and regularly helps clients make their goals a reality. We work closely with government and Locate Jersey, the promotional body for the island, to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

For the majority of those looking to locate to Jersey, there are two main routes, as a high-value resident (HVR), or by establishing a trading business that will employ staff in Jersey.

High-value residency

Jersey is attractive to HVRs not simply because of the island’s quality of life, but also because of its favourable tax regime.

If you want to move to Jersey as an HVR, there are regulations around the level of worldwide income you must have and the associated tax you will pay, along with lower limits on the value of any property you purchase.

Approval of residency gives you the right to live and work, or start a business, in Jersey for as long as you remain resident.

Our strong relationship with the Jersey income tax authorities and local accountancy firms helps us guide high-net-worth clients through applications for 2(1)(e) status. And our property team can advise on finding you a perfect home.


Jersey is an island of contrasts and it is home to both modern apartments and beautiful, traditional houses. Buying a property when relocating to the island can be a complicated process, so our experts are here to help smooth the way.

Our property practice provides introductions to the island's leading property agents and can help our clients to navigate the complex conveyancing system. Specific services include high-value client advice covering: advice on unqualified properties, planning, licensing, construction and environmental law, commercial leases and instructing commercial agents to find property.

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