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Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

Bedell Cristin is a leading law firm with operations in a number of jurisdictions. We therefore have a great responsibility to provide our clients with the best possible advice, while running our own operations in a responsible and sustainable manner. We pride ourselves on our strong corporate culture and core values. We have long worked systematically on issues related to equality, employment, compliance, due diligence etc. and we have adopted a number of internal policies within these areas. This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have on our employees and supplements our commitment to complying with all applicable laws and the professional rules which apply to us and to observing the highest standards of propriety.

We expect our partners and staff to adhere to the following values:

Zero tolerance against discrimination

We do not accept any form of discrimination based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, or age. We take forceful action against any transgressions.

A workplace characterised by respect and sensitivity

All employees are respectful in their treatment of others and treat other employees in the manner they wish to be treated themselves.

A safe and secure work environment

We strive continuously to ensure the best possible physical and mental work environment.

Playing a part in looking after the environment

We strive to promote greater environmental responsibility and to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Zero tolerance against corruption

All employees receive training in relation to anti-corruption and must comply with the firm’s Anti-Corruption Policy.

Avoidance of conflicts of interests

Before a new client assignment is accepted, all parties in the potential matter are checked against the firm’s client register so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Employees must report actual or potential personal conflicts of interest internally at the earliest opportunity so that steps can be taken to avoid any perception of personal bias.

Prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism

All employees receive training in relation to anti-corruption and must comply with the firm’s policies contained in the firm's Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism Manual.

Information security, IT security and duty of confidentiality

All employees must maintain confidentiality and discretion regarding information we gain access to in our practice. All employees use safe information channels offered by the firm, and they are individually responsible for reporting any detected information security breaches or losses of information. The firm’s employees should also report any incidents that may entail a risk of information being lost. All employees uphold good information management, information safety and IT safety, and attend regular training within these areas.

Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate

We actively encourage employees to participate in the firm's and their own social responsibility initiatives.

Raising concerns

Employees shall speak to a partner, manager or supervisor, if they suspect or know of any behaviour which breaks or may break the law.

All employees are individually responsible for complying with the Code of Conduct. Partners and managers are responsible for ensuring that the other employees understand, have access to advice on, and act in accordance with, the Code of Conduct. All employees are encouraged to report potential breaches of the Code of Conduct or the firm’s other policies to a partner or manager.