Covid-19: the novel coronavirus continues to have a significant effect on people and businesses across all sectors. We have provided below a range of briefings and guidance notes to help businesses deal with the affects of the outbreak.

Of course the primary focus of any business is the health, safety and welfare of employees and businesses are facing a wide range of challenges which continue to require action. We are always on hand to help you find solutions and listed below are a number of guides and briefings. We will continue to publish more guidance to help you identify risks and issues.

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Covid-19: Protecting data whilst working from home

With a third of the world's population now effectively on lockdown a huge number of people are now working from home. Find out more.

Lockdown for trustees - considerations in light of the coronavirus

Bedell Cristin considers what steps trustees in the BVI, Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey should take to comply with their fiduciary obligations in an unprecedented situation. Find out more.

Cayman Islands

New tax reporting deadlines for the Cayman Islands and BVI
Both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands have announced revised deadlines for tax reporting as a result of the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Find out more.

Cayman Islands real estate update: Covid-19 clauses in CIREBA Contracts
In this briefing we consider the legal position of a purchaser and vendor who have exchanged contracts but cannot close due to the Covid-19 pandemic and look at how Covid-19 clauses can assist real estate transactions. Find out more.

Cayman Islands: New guidance on data protection and Covid-19
The Cayman Islands ("Cayman") Ombudsman has issued new guidance ("Guidance") concerning the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more.

Getting the deal done - real estate transactions in the Cayman Islands during the Covid-19 lockdown
There is no disputing that Covid-19 is creating new challenges to every aspect of our professional and personal lives. Find out more.

Covid-19: Electronic signatures in the Cayman Islands
With the advent of the pandemic we have seen greatly increased interest in signing documents in electronic form. Find out more.

Covid-19: Cayman Islands defers annual fees and extends deadlines
As part of its measures to support the local and international financial services industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more.

Covid-19: Cayman Islands extends some deadlines on BOI and ES
The Cayman Islands (“Cayman”) Ministry of Financial Services (“Ministry”) has issued an Industry Advisory (“IA”) to address matters as part of its business continuity plans. Find out more.


Covid-19: Guide to electronic verification in Guernsey during lockdown
As the world continues to lock down in an attempt to stem the coronavirus, there are implications on how firms conduct their business in the era of social distancing. Find out more.

Covid-19: Closing transactions by electronic means in Guernsey
Given the travel restrictions that are now in place with Covid-19 and the number of people working from home or self-isolating, it is sensible to consider how transactions can be completed remotely. Find out more.

Covid-19: Measures to combat coronavirus and complying with economic substance requirements in Guernsey
Coronavirus, now categorised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, has resulted in many businesses having to deal with new challenges. Find out more.


Construction in Jersey during Covid-19
Amid the Covid-19 crisis, temporary emergency legislation has been enacted by the Government of Jersey to regulate the operation of construction sites. Find out more.

Help for rental tenants in Jersey during Covid-19
The Government of Jersey introduced temporary Regulations to protect residential tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more.

Property viewings in Jersey during Covid-19
Amid the Covid-19 crisis, restrictions have been eased by the Government of Jersey to enable property viewings and surveys to be carried out. Find out more.

Bedell Cristin welcomes emergency legislation allowing the remote execution of Jersey wills
The Government of Jersey has introduced temporary legislation for the signing and witnessing of documents and swearing of oaths, up to 30 September 2020. Find out more.

New voluntary code encourages flexibility among landlords and tenants
The Government of Jersey has introduced a voluntary code for commercial landlords and tenants which is a welcome acknowledgement of these unusual times. Find out more.

Covid-19: Buying and selling Jersey property
As Jersey followed the United Kingdom into lockdown, the Government of Jersey and the courts have moved quickly to put in place new procedures and guidance. Find out more.

Voluntary code for Jersey landlords and tenants during Covid-19 disruption
As Covid-19 continues to disrupt business the world over, the Government of Jersey has introduced a number of measures in a bid to protect the status quo in this time of flux. Find out more.

Commercial leases and the coronavirus
As the world gradually locks down its borders, its businesses and, increasingly, its population in a desperate attempt to stem the rise of the coronavirus. Find out more.

Covid-19: A guide to virtual affidavits in Jersey
Bedell Cristin recently swore its first virtual affidavit and since then we have had a lot of enquiries from practitioners asking how we did it. Find out more.

Covid-19: The suspension of landlords' eviction rights in Jersey
In light of the more stringent restrictions and forced business closures introduced by the UK government on 23 March. Find out more.

Covid-19: Bedell Cristin swears its first virtual affidavit in Jersey
Bedell Cristin in Jersey has facilitated its first swearing of a virtual affidavit, executed via video conferencing to honour the government’s social distancing guidelines. Find out more.

Covid-19: What next in Jersey - should I be worried about wrongful trading?
The UK Government announced stringent measures yesterday to reinforce the effectiveness of social distancing for a three week period. Find out more.

Covid-19: Closing transactions by electronic means in Jersey
Given the travel restrictions that are now in place with Covid-19 and the number of people working from home. Find out more.

Economic Substance, Corporate Tax residence and the implications of Coronavirus in Jersey
Revenue Jersey has issued guidance with regards to the implications of Coronavirus for Economic Substance determinations. Find out more.

Coronavirus: Responsibilities for employers and employees in Jersey
Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, is a rapidly evolving threat facing all sectors of society. It has been branded a Public Health Emergency. Find out more.