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Number of "zero hours" contracts in use in the private sector rises

21 October 2015

Statistics published in Jersey's biannual Labour Market Survey show that the number of "zero hours" contracts in use in the private sector rose by 470 in the year to June 2015. Total headcount in the private sector increased by 860. In contrast, numbers of "zero hours" contracts in the public sector fell by 100 in the same period.

Zero hours contracts account for 11% private sector and 7% States of Jersey engagements (as at June 2015).

The rise comes amid a review of the use of zero hours arrangements in Jersey by the States of Jersey Health and Social Security Panel.

Other figures disclosed by the survey that may be of interest include:

"J-Cat" workers

In the private sector, 2% of workers are "Licensed" employees (formerly termed "J-Cat"). The number of Licensed workers fell slightly (by 10) in the year to June 2015.

By contrast, 7% of workers employed in the public sector were recorded as Licensed in June 2015, 20 more than 12 months earlier.

Employment by sector

The finance industry and the public sector continue to occupy first and second spot, respectively. 22% of workers were employed in "finance and legal", 14% in the public sector and 13% in "wholesale and retail".

Total employment

More people were employed in Jersey's private sector in June 2015 than in any previous June on record.

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