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Seminar hosted by Bedell Cristin and Focus HR will help employers and HR professionals respond to data subject access requests with confidence

25 August 2021

A seminar will be held on 23 September 2021 to explore the practicalities of responding to Data Subject Access Requests made by employees either in the course of their employment or once it has terminated.

Under the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 data subjects have 10 individual rights. This seminar will focus on the second of those rights – the 'right of access'. Broadly speaking, this right which entitles a data subject (i.e. an employee) to ask a data controller (i.e. their employer) whether it processes their personal information and for what purpose, to be informed of the nature and content of that personal information and to be given a copy of that personal information. In the context of an employment relationship, DSAR are often used for strategic purposes by an employee data subject who is contemplating or engaged in a dispute with or against their employer or former employer data controller.

This seminar has been designed for the HR community, managers and those with new responsibilities for data protection to explore the practicalities of responding to Data Subject Access Requests made by employees either in the course of their employment or once it has terminated.

The one and a half hour seminar will outline:

  • the legal background to SARs and the Data Protection Law generally;
  • their relevance to HR professionals and organisations;
  • the situations when DSARs are submitted;
  • challenges and pitfalls to avoid;
  • the process of managing a SAR and the considerations and risk exposures if responses are not undertaken correctly.

The seminar will be co-hosted by Focus HR and Bedell Cristin and will be delivered by highly experienced employment lawyer Carly Parrott, Counsel at Bedell Cristin and John Ioannou-Droushiotis, HR Consultant at Focus HR.

Becky Machon, Director and Owner Focus HR said, “We are excited to be providing training of this technical and complex legal area for the HR community and employers. Data Subject Access Requests are notoriously time consuming and costly to employers. There are many pitfalls associated with DSARs which employers are to be aware of including accessing and providing the right data – the provision of personal data and not the provision of the documentation, and the type and level of information that is captured by the request. We aim for this seminar to assist HR professionals and employers to navigate the process while learning about the risk exposures to be mindful of”.

Carly Parrott added, "Data subject access requests often prove to be one of the most challenging areas of the data protection law for employers to manage. Sifting through vast amounts of information (including emails) to find personal data specific to an employee can be daunting and the reality is that responding to a DSAR is time consuming. But it doesn’t have to a process to be feared. This session has been designed to help alleviate the fear that many employers harbour about responding to DSAR and will explain how, by taking a few practical measures, organisations can provide more efficient, consistent and timely DSAR responses."

The breakfast seminar is taking place at 08:00 on Thursday 23 September 2021. Anyone interested in attending can learn more about the event and reserve their space by visiting the Focus HR website.

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Location: Guernsey

Related Service: Employment Law