Aviva Investors REaLM® Multi Sector Unit Trust

30 October 2012

Bedell Cristin partner, Bruce Scott, assisted by lawyer Amedeo Claris-Delmedico, provided Jersey legal advice to Aviva Investors in connection with the establishment and launch of the Aviva Investors REaLM® Multi Sector Unit Trust, an open-ended collective investment fund established and regulated in Jersey as an Expert Fund. The main objective of the Fund is to invest in certain Aviva Investors Returns Enhancing and Liability Matching (REaLM®) funds, which in turn invest predominantly in UK real estate and infrastructure assets.

The REaLM® funds are designed to address under-funding issues currently experienced in Defined Benefit Pension Funds in the UK through asset allocation which offers long term index-linked income streams backed by strong credit and good security, with the aim of providing an enhanced return over and above Index Linked Gilts. Each REaLM® fund will invest in assets within a particular real estate sector, or in infrastructure assets.

Location: London

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