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Quiz night and Bedell Cristin sponsorship raises funds for Bukit Lawang Trust

23 November 2018

A quiz and Indonesian curry evening organised by law firm Bedell Cristin raised money for the Bukit Lawang Trust.

Seven teams competed across rounds including Jersey history, geography and wildlife and a special round on Indonesia, all chaired by quizmaster and Bedell Cristin’s head of property, Jeff O’Boyle.

Funds were raised from a raffle on the evening, and Bedell Cristin has also provided additional support to establish the Bukit Lawang Trusts’s education programme for teenagers and to support its Young Ranger Programme.

The Bukit Lawang Trust, which is a member of the Association of Jersey Charities, was established in response to the flood that hit the small village of Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, Indonesia, in November 2003, wiping out the village and killing at least 300 people.

The quiz was hosted at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club, which provided the Indonesian curry for participants.

Rebecca Coley from Bukit Lawang Trust said: “The sponsorship of Bedell Cristin and the funds raised by the generous participants in the quiz will be used to train a teacher in the area to teach a curriculum specially designed for teenagers in Bukit Lawang. The local teacher, Eta Sitepu, was a standout star at our conservation festival teaching all the young children the songs and dances and helping the older classes to prepare their conservation speeches. Teaching will begin in January 2019.

“The Young Ranger Programme teaches young people at three school sites how to be guardians of the pre-palm oil forest in which they live. Educational resources provided by Sarah Wang from Darwin Animal Doctors, and translated into Indonesian by Eta, will teach the young rangers about preservation and protection.

“We’re grateful to the team at Bedell Cristin for their support and would like to thank them for organising a great evening in aid of a worthwhile cause.”

David Cadin, managing partner at Bedell Cristin, said: “We are pleased to support the Bukit Lawang Trust and the excellent work the team does in Indonesia to provide both academic and practical education to young people in the region.”

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Location: Jersey