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Bedell Cristin sponsors the Remnants of Life Exhibition

29 September 2021

Bedell Cristin are proud to be sponsoring Remnants of Life Exhibition which is being curated by Glen Perotte at the CCA Galleries International in Jersey from Friday 1 October running until Friday 22 October.

In his latest body of work, Glen invites us to stop and breathe for a moment and notice nature in our urban environment and to consider our intrinsic connection to it. In his composition, Glen takes the modest, unassuming plants that colour his path to his studio and exalts them. Removed from their world where they compete with the materials of industrial man, he transfers them into another world, a world of vivid colours with a dreamlike quality, where they are captured in an almost ethereal list, bringing out the magic that exists in each petal, each leaf. Even those that are captured as they decay, project their splendour.

Glen has arranged his subjects in water, which he reveals symbolises life, combined with extraordinary lighting and photographic techniques he creates images that appear almost enchanted, otherworldly and dares us to see these plants with new eyes, those of a child's and to perceive and understand the fragility not just of their existence, but of our own.

If you would like to visit the Exhibition, the Gallery is open Monday – Friday, 12:00-18:00pm. For more information, please visit


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Location: Jersey