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Statement on Russia and Ukraine

11 March 2022

Bedell Cristin condemns whole-heartedly the actions of the Russian state and fully supports the sanctions and other measures being taken by the global community to bring the atrocities in Ukraine to an end.

We have been deeply shocked and saddened by the actions and aggression of the Russian state and the scale of the humanitarian crisis this has caused and, as an international firm, we recognise that we have a part to play in the global response to these abhorrent crimes.

We have been carefully, and critically, assessing all our matters with a Russian or Belarusian connection and our role in those mandates to ensure that the part we play continues to comply with all applicable sanctions regulations as well as our legal, professional and ethical responsibilities to our clients and to the wider right-minded global community, as we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

As a result of that review, we have decided to bring certain mandates to a close that are inconsistent with our core values as a member of the international legal community and our sense of what is right.

In addition, we will not accept any instructions from, nor act for or in connection with, any person who is sanctioned (or likely to be sanctioned) in connection with the Russian aggression, any Russian State Owned Enterprise or organ of the Russian state, or any person who supports, promotes, sponsors or enables the Russian regime in any way.

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