Our aim is to provide you with high quality, efficient and timely Legal Services. In order to achieve these objectives:

  • a partner will have overall responsibility for each matter on which we are instructed;
  • we expect our lawyers and legal assistants within the firm who deal with the matters upon which we are instructed to work closely with you and ensure that there is always a readily accessible person whom you may contact and who will deal promptly with your enquiries;
  • we will act in what we perceive to be your best interests, keeping your affairs confidential
    and, in the event that any conflicts of interest may arise, point these out to you as soon as practical after we have become aware of any such conflict.


Fee earners responsible for your work
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Litigious or contentious matters
Professional undertakings
Powers of attorney
Billing policy
Payment terms
Client monies
Tax on interest
Electronic communications
Waiver and assignment
Storage of data, files and papers
Data protection and registration
Client due diligence and anti-money laundering procedures
Variation and publication of these Terms of Business
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