Once instructed to provide Legal Services on a particular matter, we expect to continue to do so until completion of that matter and we will continue to act for you in that matter until its conclusion unless:

  • you give us written notification of the termination of instructions to provide Legal Services;
  • any fees and disbursements which have been billed are more than 60 days overdue for payment;
  • it is not appropriate or in your best interests for us to continue to represent you (for example where a conflict of interest has arisen or where you have not satisfied our client due diligence requirements).

If we cease to act for you in either of the circumstances set out in sub-paragraphs (b) or (c) we will inform you.

Regardless of who terminates the instructions you will be responsible for payment of all billed and unbilled fees and disbursements up to the date of termination of our instructions and any costs and disbursements reasonably incurred in connection with the transfer of the work to another person chosen by you. We reserve the right to retain all papers and documents which relate to all matters in which we have been instructed until fees and disbursements have been paid as set out under our payment terms.