Bedell Cristin act for Rokos in dispute with Brevan Howard

06 February 2015

Anthony Robinson, assisted by David Cadin, Edward Drummond and Dina El-Gazzar recently acted for Christopher Rokos, one of the co-founders and a highly successful trader with Brevan Howard (the largest hedge fund manager in Europe).

The case was commenced in May 2014 before the Royal Court in Jersey, when Mr Rokos brought proceedings on restraint of trade grounds against Brevan Howard to challenge contractual restrictions preventing him from trading third party funds and setting up his own hedge fund. The case, which has attracted a great deal of interest from the financial press, was due to be heard on an expedited basis during a 7 day trial in March 2015 (Rokos v Brevan Howard).

However, the parties were able to reach a commercial settlement in late January 2015, enabling Mr Rokos to set up his own fund, in which Brevan Howard will have a financial interest.

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