Bedell Cristin partner Jon Barclay to join panel at the Anti-Financial Crime Symposium taking place on Wednesday 7 February 2018 in Nicosia, Cyprus

15 January 2018

This full-day event will focus on current challenges being faced by Mediterranean-based organisations and international finance centres as they seek to detect, prevent and disrupt financial crime in their regions. Against a backdrop of industry-wide demand for greater transparency and global cooperation, panelists will consider cross-jurisdictional issues facing IFCs in 2018.

Jon and his colleagues will be talking about:

• Understanding the possible misuse of corporations and other legal entities to conceal the identify of beneficial owners;

• Identifying strategies used by trust and company administrators to accurately identify beneficial owners;

• Analysing risks posed to asset managers and fund administrators by complex structures in the identification of beneficial owners; and

• Learning about measures used by civil asset recovery experts to locate assets and identify their beneficial owners.

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