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Bedell Cristin welcomes emergency legislation allowing the remote execution of Jersey wills

23 April 2020

The Government of Jersey has introduced temporary legislation for the signing and witnessing of documents and swearing of oaths, up to 30 September 2020, which include the execution of wills.

The new legislation means the formal requirement for two witnesses to be physically present when a will is signed is relaxed and instead may now be witnessed over an audio-visual link.

The intention is for this remote process of witnessing documents to become normal practice during the Covid-19 pandemic to limit contact between individuals and remain in line with public health guidance.

Donna Withers, head of probate and wills at Bedell Cristin said: “The Law Society has reported a significant increase of individuals seeking to write wills during the pandemic and these straightforward measures will help our clients who are seeking to put plans in place during this time.

“Bedell Cristin welcomes these temporary measures, they provide flexibility and comfort at what is a challenging time for many and allow us to continue providing our clients with support without unnecessary risk.”

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