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Wills & Estate Planning

The team's in depth understanding of the subtleties of Will drafting means our clients can be confident that their wealth and assets are dealt with according to their wishes. We have extensive experience in helping clients navigate family sensitivities, and are well placed to advise you on both the legal issues such as forced heirship and also the wider financial and commercial context.

Estate Planning for Jersey residents

The many pitfalls of Jersey law in this sensitive area include:

  • Children’s absolute entitlement to take control of their share of a parent’s estate when they reach 18, with a risk of misspending substantial assets
  • Forced heirship known as "legitime": in cases where parties have children from other relationships, there is a risk of assets from an estate not ending up with the intended beneficiaries

Our specialist team offers advice on the best structuring to mitigate these and other risks to family wealth.

Please click here to find out more about Will planning for Jersey residents.

International Estate Planning

With expertise that extends to the intricacies of private international law, we often assist clients and intermediaries in relation to cross-border Will planning. We prepare Wills drawn under Jersey law for foreign domiciliaries to ringfence assets in various jurisdictions, which may be desirable for tax planning or administrative efficiency. International Will planning should always be undertaken with the utmost care due to conflict of laws issues, and upon legal advice from each jurisdiction to which the client is connected. Please click here to find out more about Will planning for non-Jersey domiciliaries.

We can also assist with the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney or similar foreign powers for use in Jersey.

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