Wealth Planning & Structuring – an evolving priority in Asian wealth management

11 November 2020

Nancy Chien, Partner in Bedell Cristin's International Private Client practice will be joining the panel of experts at the Hubbis Digital Dialogue webinar on Wealth Planning & Structuring – an evolving priority in Asian wealth management on Thursday 12 November (3:00pm Hong Kong/Singapore time and 7:00am UK time).

The panel consisting of senior figures in Asian Wealth Management will discuss key trends and identify how the Asian wealth management community and their private clients can work more effectively together to resolve many of today's challenges and those that lie ahead.

Event agenda

  • What are the key trends in wealth structuring & planning worldwide and has the Asian private client market embracing these latest concepts and practices?
  • What does proper structuring mean and how must the Asian private client mindset evolve on the road to optimised wealth structuring & planning?
  • Are Asia’s founder generations driving this forward, or the second generation?
  • What levels of multi-generational involvement should we see and is this happening in Asia?
  • Which key structures and jurisdictions are in favour and why?
  • How do the private banks, IAMs, and MFOs position themselves for wealth structuring & planning, is this a profit centre, or is this a means to expanding client relationships across the generations?
  • What role does family and business governance play and is this taking off in Asia?
  • What role does life insurance play in structured wealth planning?
  • Is Asia truly embracing the need for organised, professionalised legacy & succession planning?
  • What key messages are the trustees focused on getting across to the clients?
  • What are the key challenges on the road to optimised legacy planning?
  • Is Asia’s wealth management community really embracing the need to be more proactive in working with their clients towards more institutionalised wealth & estate planning?
  • How can they work inclusively with the legal, accounting, trust and other advisory community to achieve the best outcomes for their clients?

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Location: Jersey

Related Service: International Private Client

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