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Bedell Cristin lawyer to speak at family trust summit 2021

12 May 2021

Andrew Miller, Partner, will be joining a panel of experts at an Apeiron Academy event, China's first family trust summit 2021, 'the rise and challenge of the Chinese family trust market'.

The online event which takes place on Saturday 15 May 2021 at 8am (GMT) is to promote the communication of thinking and experience on the Chinese trust market, grasp the trending topics in the industry. The event brings together the elite of trust professionals from all over the world, with seventeen guest speakers from four continents to discuss the rise and challenge of the Chinese family trust market.

The event will cover twelve presentations, which will be delivered in two chapters:

Chapter I - Where - Where is the Trillion Dollar Opportunity in the Chinese Family Trust Market?

Chapter II - How - How to Explore the Chinese Trust Market?

Andrew Miller will be discussing his observations on modern trust legislation developments.

Click here to find out more and register for the family trust summit 2021 event.

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