Business Ethics - The Bribery Act was just the start

10 January 2017

The UK Government is determined to shift the responsibility for policing tax offences to corporates and those who interact with taxpayers. The Bribery Act saw the introduction of a "failure to prevent" offence, with a wide territorial reach. As Bribery Act prosecutions are now starting to flow, it appears the same model will be extended to other areas, such as tax evasion, and beyond.

David Cadin, Managing Partner of Bedell Cristin, will chair presentations from an expert panel of lawyers from Macfarlanes to talk about developments in this area, top tips for staying out of trouble, and what the future may hold.


16.00 Registration

16.20 Chairman's Welcome
         David Cadin, Managing Partner, Bedell Cristin, Jersey

16.30 Failure to prevent bribery and "adequate procedures", lessons
         learned from the first prosecutions and the use of DPAs
         Lois Horne, Partner, Macfarlanes, London

16.50 How new rules, including an offence for those who fail to prevent
          tax evasion, not only target taxpayers but seek to pass
          responsibility fortax offences onto corporates, intermediaries
          and advisers
          Gideon Sanitt, Partner, Macfarlanes, London

17.10 What the future holds - other offences likely to follow
          James Popperwell, Partner, Macfarlanes, London

17.30 Panel discussion and Q&A with Edward Drummond, Partner, Bedell
         Cristin, Jersey jolning the session to consider the local regulatory
         and legal consequences of these foreign law changes.

Drinks and canapés

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Location: Jersey

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