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Probate, Executorship, Inheritance and Estates

After losing a loved one, your focus is on your family not on administration.

We can ease the load by assisting with legal and financial matters in the following ways:


A Grant of Probate (or Administration) is a document issued by the Royal Court of Jersey authorising people referred to as Personal Representatives (Executors or Administrators) to administer the Jersey movable assets (i.e. not real estate) of a deceased person.  

If you are appointed executor of a Will or a loved one has died without a Will, we can guide you through the Probate process and advise you as to your rights and responsibilities in unlocking the assets.

International Probate

Our expertise extends to the intricacies of private international law, and we often assist clients and intermediaries in relation to cross-border Probate. From "fast track" Probate for British (non-Jersey) estates to full Jersey Probate applications for foreign domiciliaries, we can remove the complexity of cross-border Probate. Click here to find out more about Jersey Probate for non-Jersey domiciliaries.


An executor is responsible for administering the estate of a deceased person and paying to the ultimate beneficiaries. It can be a heavy burden, especially in substantial estates or complex circumstances such as high-risk assets, cross-border issues and family sensitivities. The executor is personally liable to the beneficiaries for preserving the estate.

We can advise you on your options if you have been nominated as executor and guide you through your duties if you decide to take on the responsibility. We are often instructed by clients to act as executor, either nominated directly by will, as attorney for the nominated executor, or as executor dative if necessary or convenient in the circumstances of the case. Our trust corporation, Bedell Cristin Executors Limited, has been specifically incorporated to take on the responsibility of executorship, providing continuity and protecting you from the risk that your nominated executor may be unwilling or unable to take on the role.


We are often instructed by heirs and beneficiaries of a deceased person’s estate as to their entitlements, the legal process and the duties of executorship. We can advise as to issues with Wills, such as poorly drafted DIY Wills or lost Wills, and making representations to the Royal Court to rectify any problems.

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We would like to thank you for your commitment, sensitivity and efficiency in finalising the Jersey estate. It has been quite complex for us being in Australia, and dealing with two different jurisdictions. You have made it much less stressful for us.

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